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Are you organizing concerts, courses, events or workshops? With Cango Tickets you're able to sell your own tickets. It takes a lot of work off your hands.



Create your own event in just a few steps. Place the link on your site. Cango Tickets deals with the rest!



Give the information that is important for your visitors. Get the information that is important for you.



If you charge the buyers with the transaction fees (€ 1,50 per order) you can use the system for free!

what customers are saying about Cango Tickets...

  • Our employees had to walk down the streets with cash. We wanted to get rid of cash. I signed up with Cango Tickets and placed the link on our site. Within five minutes we started our online sale.

    — Dimitri Houtman —
  • We were looking for an easy online booking system for collecting the participants’ fees of our running events. We now use Cango Tickets.

    — Rianne Vrooswijk, Pheidippidesloop Utrecht —
  • Most of our concerts are organized by the concert venues. That is why we lacked the infrastructure for ticket sales. Happily we now have now found Cango Tickets. It provides a good survey of the actual ticket sale situation and lists the bookings in the dashboard. The system is easy to use and we started receiving the money within a week.

    — Nieuw Ensemble Amsterdam —
  • For my yoga course I needed an online booking tool. It is very practical that I can ask my students if they like to buy a yoga mat or bring one themselves.

    — Teun den Herder —
  • Our choir organises concerts two or three times a year. Selling tickets always was a burden. Especially dealing with cash money. Being the treasurer, I was responsible for printing, cutting and spreading the tickets. I used an excel file to keep track of the sales. I distributed five tickets per choir member and had to get the sales money back and do all the administrative work. I am happy to use Cango Tickets now for over three months. It relieves me of a lot of administrative as well as financial work. Thank you, Cango Tickets team!

    — Trynke van Doesburg —


Simple and honest pricing - Put the fees on top of the order price and the system is for you totally costless

Sell your tickets for 0,00 euro per order*

* This fee used when the fee of EUR 1,50 is transferred to the buyer, so that the system becomes free of use for you as organizer.

• We have the lowest service fees – Where competitors usually ask 2 euro per ticket or even a percentage of the price, we keep it simple: 1,50 per order (and that’s VAT included). You can transfer these transaction costs to the buyer and the system is totally free for you as organizer. There’s no catch!
• Weekly cashout of your bookings
• Safe transaction via Mollie and SSL

• Credit card payments (buyer pays a 2% fee)
• Cango Tickets has privacy as a top priority
• Control your bookings and settings in the personal dashboard
• Use our QRcode-scanner!

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